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How to Protect Elderly Adults from Home Fires

elderly-handsDo you live with your aging parents, or do they own their own home? In either case, making sure their living space is safe and functional is essential to preventing a dangerous home fire and keeping them out of harm’s way if one does erupt.  

Fire-proofing the home of an elderly person involves troubleshooting different concerns than those associated with proofing a home for a young family, or two individuals. Elderly people often struggle with mobility, sight, and hearing issues, all of which affect their ability to detect and escape a potential blaze. In addition, the trauma of a home fire can be especially devastating to someone of advanced age and declining health.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, “older adults are 2.7 times more likely to die in a fire than the general population.” This risk increases to 4.6 times more likely for individuals over the age of 85. However, these fatalities are preventable. With a specific look at the fire hazards in the home of elderly adults, tragedy can be avoided.

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What Items Qualify for Contents Cleaning?

stuffed-tigerContents cleaning is a process through which our Paul Davis Restoration team is able to restore your prized possessions to the state they were in prior to fire, flood, or mold/ mildew damage. However, you may be wondering exactly what items qualify for our state-of-the-art cleaning techniques, and how effective they actually are.

The good news is, contents cleaning is an incredibly versatile process that can help you redeem items you thought were lost. It’s effectiveness is inspiring, although the level of restoration depends largely on the amount of damage done to the item. Contents cleaning will not remove body damage to the item but will deep clean soot, mold and mildew. The following items qualify for contents cleaning and come out sparkling from our Esporta Wash System.


Cotton, polyester, and leather belts, shoes, and coats all come clean using the Esporta ES-3300. These items emerge from the wash system refreshed and looking/ feeling brand new and ready for wear.

Camping and Outdoor Gear

If the elements are tough on our homes, they’re even tougher on items that are intended for outdoor use. Sports equipment, sleeping bags, and even boat cushions benefit from a run through our Esporta Wash System.

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Flood Cleanup Tips for Property Managers

flooded-staircaseIf you manage one or more properties, any damage to the physical structure of your building is of great concern to you. You are responsible for the regular maintenance and repair of this structure and have to respond quickly to issues involving the space in which your tenants live and work.

Flooding, whether from old, burst pipes or coastal waves, can quickly devastate a property. Whether flooring and furniture is now compromised or the integrity of a structure is now threatened by excess water, there are steps you can take to minimize issues   and maximize efficient cleanup.

Extract Water First

Standing water creates a favorable environment for microbes and mold to breed and develop. Rid your environment of these issues by removing standing water as quickly as possible. Pump vacuums like the Lowe’s Wet/Dry Vac can help you remove water before it damages vital areas of your property. However, in order to remove water that has soaked into your flooring, you may need expert water extraction assistance. Paul Davis is ready and equipped to help you remove standing water and dry out your building before it does serious damage to your flooring.

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Thai Mobile Phone App Teaches Children Flood Safety

mobile-phone-appFloods can cause serious amounts of damage to homes, businesses, and other properties. In addition, they can be dangerous and, unfortunately, can even claim the lives of innocent victims. In the event of a flood, teaching your family – especially children – flood safety tips is very important. In light of the horrendous flood and tsunami tragedies that have recently affected the world, knowing what to do if a flood occurs is necessary. But what is the best way to teach flood safety to kids?

A new mobile gaming app can teach children what to do when floods strike.  The cartoon app called Sai Fah: The Flood Fighter, features a cartoon hero that combats a flood on his way to meet his mother. Each level of the game teaches children a new lesson in flood safety. It was originally developed in Thailand to reach Thai children, but was recently released in English for iOS and Android platforms. So far, the app has been downloaded 11,000 times and developers plan on promoting the game in other areas across the Asia-Pacific that have a history of floods or may be at risk for floods. 

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What Is Casualty Insurance

aston-martinIf you are reviewing insurance policy types in an effort to decide which best meets your needs, you may be wondering what a casualty policy covers.

Casualty insurance is a broad insurance coverage category that protects against loss of property, damage to your property, and related liabilities. This type often includes liability, vehicle, elevator, and theft coverage. While homeowners insurance offers substantial coverage against fire, lightning and theft, exclusions may include other disasters, like earthquakes, as well as damages to your vehicle and some types of vandalism. Making sure you’re covered can provide substantial relief if and when crisis strikes.

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How to Remove Smoke Damage from Your Walls

burnt-homeIf your home was recently affected by fire, we offer our deepest sympathies. We understand how stressful a home fire can be, how frightening, and how much damage can be done in such a short amount of time.

Just as difficult as coping with the emotional stress of a fire is cleaning up the damage when the smoke has cleared. Depending on the size and duration of the blaze, you may have damage to furniture, clothing, and the structure of your home. However, one of the major issues that arises for families who have experienced home fires is smoke damage. The charring residue that sits on your walls can be difficult to remove, a painful memory of a stressful incident that will affect your property value and the ambience of your home until removed.

Paul Davis Restoration’s team is highly skilled at removing smoke damage from your walls. It’s one of the many services we are proud to provide. However, if you’re a strong-minded DIY-type, we respect that and want to advise you as best we can. Here are a few insider tips for removing smoke residue and charring from your walls, for good.

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How to Stay Safe While You Wait for Lead Abatement

While preventing lead poisoning is now a major concern for parents, homeowners, and medical professionals, this was not always the case. Prior to the 1980s, paint, toys, and even clothing contained this toxin, which is dangerous to the human body, particularly for children.

If you have tested your home and discovered high levels of lead, or lead has shown up in your or a loved one’s blood test, you may begin to panic. However, while lead is a danger to you and your family, there’s no need to panic. There are several steps you can take immediately to ensure your family’s well-being.

First, contact a lead abatement professional immediately. You do not have to tolerate a toxic living environment. Abatement professionals are trained in the removal of lead-based materials, including paint and dust, and can make your home safe.

However, if you’ve already called a highly-skilled team and are waiting for abatement day, there are a few other actions that will help prevent contamination and subsequent health concerns:

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Create a Home Inventory In Case of Emergency

listIf your possessions were suddenly destroyed in a fire or flood, would you be able to itemize a list of them to submit for insurance compensation?

While it may sound morbid, putting together an itemized list of all of your possessions, ready in case you need to submit for an insurance claim, can serve you in the event of disaster. Having a list ready can help you get a settlement faster, confirm your losses when filing your income tax return, and guide future insurance purchase decisions. While losing your home to a sudden crisis is never pleasant to imagine, preparing for the worst can greatly reduce your stress in the moment.

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Design Flaws in Your Home and How to Fix Em': Part 2

bathroom-hallwayIf you love your home, you may not want to take an honest look at some of the inherent flaws in its design, including those we mentioned in Part 1. However, if you’re going to live in the most comfortable and productive way possible, you need to make sure your space supports your lifestyle. That’s where Paul Davis comes in. We are happy to work with you on home remodeling projects that, quite simply, make your space better. And there’s nothing more rewarding than that.

Do any of these design flaws sound familiar?

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