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Easily-Avoided Causes of Home Fires

grease-fireHome fires claim lives and cause devastating damage every year, especially around the holidays. However, many of these incidents are completely preventable. To optimize your safety this holiday season, educate yourself on the most common causes of home fires, and how to avoid them:

1. Cooking Equipment Disasters

Nothing spreads faster than a grease fire. Make sure your cooking equipment is maintained and safe. Never leave anything on the stovetop unattended, don’t shift to other tasks when cooking, and practice good cooking habits such as turning handles inward and keeping a wide, clear berth around the stove. One wayward splatter of grease can affect the safety of your entire home.

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Ozone Removes Smoke Damage with Incredible Results

water-damaged-paperAn ozone chamber is a self-contained unit that helps control temperature, humidity, and treatment time for specific items. Ozone is extremely effective at removing the smell of smoke. If your home has sustained a fire, an ozone chamber can help restore and deodorize your belongings.

For certain kinds of items that don’t fare well with oxidation, an ozone chamber is very beneficial. Materials that can benefit from this technology include rubber, paper products, plastic, leather, paper, and some textile dyes.  

How Does It work?

Ozone is a type of oxygen that contains three oxygen atoms rather than just two. The third atom quickly attracts to outside substances, a reaction that is known as oxidation. An ozonator uses a high voltage power source that connects to a metal grid. The glass cylinder serves as a resistor between the grid and the metal sleeve. Electrical discharge occurs and frees oxygen atoms to become ozone, releasing them from the damaged item.

How Is Ozone Beneficial?

For products that don’t do well with exposure or damage from water, including books, photos, or other documents, ozone can be great, simply because it doesn’t use the washing or rinsing process. If a piece of clothing has sustained damage, the owner may think that throwing it in the wash will help to remove the smell. However, this does not help, as the wash and rinse cycles bind the smoke stench to the fibers themselves.

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Calling All Insurance Agents: Come Tour Our Facility!

vaultsAt Paul Davis Restoration of Greater Portland, we consider ourselves a resource for insurance agents. Our team offers continuing education courses for insurance agents, with the intention of helping you stay up-to-date on the latest developments in your industry and keeping you in touch with what your clients are going through so you can serve them better. We enjoy the connections we have made by offering these classes, and continue to enjoy seeing faces new and old!

In the spirit of sharing our resources for the service of our clients, we would like to officially invite you to take a tour of our facilities! Unsure what that entails? Consider the following:

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Why Is Continuing Education for Insurance Agents Important?

insurance-agent-2If getting your continuing education credits is on your list of things to do, you may be wondering why it is so important. The fact is, insurance agents in the state of Oregon are required to complete 24 hours of training per 2-year license term, and cannot legally practice without putting in this time.

However, what is the purpose of going through this training?

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What If a Property You Manage Becomes a Crime Scene?

crime-sceneIf you manage one or more properties, you know that any criminal activity that occurs on your grounds is at least partly your responsibility. In the case of an actual crime scene, there are several factors that need to be attended to, including calling the authorities, speaking with your tenants about the incident, cleanup of the scene, and filing paperwork to the property owner (or for your own records, if you also own the property). Of all of these tasks, cleanup can be one of the most difficult to handle, but the most immediately essential.

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What's the Best Time of Year for Home Remodeling?

tree-four-seasonsWhether you have been planning a home remodel for months (or even years) or have just suffered a fire or flood and now need to rebuild, understanding the pros and cons of remodeling at different times of year can help you plan and adjust your expectations.

However, organizing a successful and low-stress remodel is much more about planning around the lowest possible budget and hassle. Most people think that spring and summer are the best seasons to conduct remodels. Yes, the weather is warm, so working outside/ being outside when a team is working inside your home is more pleasant than if temperatures were dropping and snow covered the ground. However, taking your financial investment into account, as well as access to professionals, is more important than picking the best time to work outside.

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How to Keep Your Building Safe For Your Tenants

property-managersKeeping the buildings you manage safe for your tenants is essential to preventing injury and health issues for those who dwell there and maintaining a financially sound investment for you and the property owner.

However, particularly in older buildings, it can be difficult to cover all the health and safety bases regularly.

Paul Davis Restoration works with many different types of issues that can and do affect residential and commercial properties, from mold and mildew to lead and asbestos to structural issues. Consider the following a primer on keeping your property safe and secure:

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How to Protect Elderly Adults from Home Fires

Do you live with your aging parents, or do they own their own home? In either case, making sure their living space is safe and functional is essential to preventing a dangerous home fire and keeping them out of harm’s way if one does erupt.  

Fire-proofing the home of an elderly person involves troubleshooting different concerns than those associated with proofing a home for a young family, or two individuals. Elderly people often struggle with mobility, sight, and hearing issues, all of which affect their ability to detect and escape a potential blaze. In addition, the trauma of a home fire can be especially devastating to someone of advanced age and declining health.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, “older adults are 2.7 times more likely to die in a fire than the general population.” This risk increases to 4.6 times more likely for individuals over the age of 85. However, these fatalities are preventable. With a specific look at the fire hazards in the home of elderly adults, tragedy can be avoided.

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