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Contents: Cleaning & Restoration

Property Cleaning Portland

The damage to your home is often not simply confined to the structure itself. Your possessions, if not totally destroyed by fire, water or mold, may be redeemable. Those chances are made greater when you take advantage of the content restoration services provided by Paul Davis.

Doll Restoration

Our fully integrated solution for cleaning, restoring, and documenting your damaged home possessions includes the state-of-the-art Esporta washing system, which uses patented detergents and processes. With the help of this amazing restoration machine, we can clean your furniture, clothing, bedding, even leather and suede goods.

Esporta Omega Sonics

We also use ultra-sonic technology that cleans and restores jewelry, china, family heirlooms and other difficult-to-clean hard items.

Our content restoration services can also include books and other paper-based items. Computers and other electronics may also be restored to working order.

A Tour of our State-of-The-Art Facility:

  • Dual Ozone & Drying Chambers
  • Esporta Soft Contents Processing
  • Esporta Soft Contents Processing
  • Omegasonics Hard Contents Processing
  • Omegasonics Hard Contents Processing
  • Warehouse Vaults
  • Structure and Water Mitigation