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Why Paul Davis?

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Reduced Policyholder Questions

We can field many of the inquiries your policy holders have about the restoration process, relieving you of the burden of handling these situations.

We Understand the Restoration Business

Paul Davis Restoration invented the category of insurance restoration contractor. We were the first to partner with insurance carriers, and the first to offer a performance warranty. And we continue to lead the industry by offering new programs and services, such as our exclusive guarantee and our complete contents solutions.


Initiatives such as 3-day drying, our upfront, guaranteed pricing water damage pricing model Predict-A-Dry, and paperless water damage project scoping and monitoring tool MICA, allow the insurance industry to more accurately measure losses.

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of documentation accuracy to our insurance clients’ direct repair programs, which is the main reason we created the Paul Davis Quality Assurance Center. This ensures the accuracy of claims file preparation and program standard compliance by Paul Davis for our insurance clients’ direct repair programs. Our staff works daily with Paul Davis franchisees and insurance client representatives to ensure goals and objectives are met. The overall benefit of this function is to improve program accuracy which results in the faster settlement of claims and cost saving to our clients.